Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

Your business is growing, and you are busier now more than ever. You could use an extra set of hands, but not sure about the costs involved or all the HR that comes with having staff.

Besides, you need someone who can do many tasks, not just ONE!

Use a Virtual Assistant!

But you have no idea what a virtual assistant is or how they can help you.

A virtual assistant is a highly skilled professional who offers business support services virtually. They are independent contractors and entrepreneurs who provide an array of services such as administrative, creative, technical and financial support.

Here are some Benefits of a Virtual Assistant:

Only Pay for Work Done:

This is a great benefit for your business budget. You don't pay for holidays, sick leave, maternity, paternity or any other time off. You can work adhoc hours or set a standard time required per week or month and know exactly how much you will be paying out.

Varied Skill Set:

Virtual assistants are highly skilled independent contractors. These include administrative assistants, website administrators, bookkeepers and senior level executives, all of whom have had a broad range of experience.

Save on Hiring a Full-Time Employee:

To hire a new employee, you will need to advertise, interview and train the new employee. TIME SPENT!

You will also need to provide benefits such as health insurance, employee-related benefits, and tax savings. MONEY SPENT!

A virtual assistant is responsible for their own taxes, pensions, and accounts, etc.

And if it doesn't work for whatever reason, there is NO lengthy exit strategy to waste more money and time on.

Save on Office Space:

Since the contractor is virtual, they work off site. This allows you to save on expenses such as ordering new office equipment (furniture, Computer, etc). They use their own resources. You even save of the office space they would normally have to use! Many small businesses are run from home or a small premises enough for one, so this would work perfectly. You can work remotely and at the same time have the additional assistance you need.

Take the leap and a Virtual Assistant will catch you!