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Why bother with Social Media as a small company?

Social media is a tool - it will only work well when you know how to use it!

Small businesses can’t afford to miss out on the many opportunities that social media has to offer - increasing your reach to clients and building a reputable brand online will help your business grow.

Check our tips and tricks for small businesses when getting started on social media.

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Working from Home Tips

Losing focus working from home?

It’s easily done when we get into a routine that is not ideal for our productivity! Our habits can build up and it takes time to change them, but these simple steps can help you to slowly bring focus back to growing your business.

working from home

Deadline Mayhem

It’s that time of the year.

The dreaded time.

Every year, this month is filled with stress, overtime and worry. Which all leads to missed opportunities and clients. But it doesn’t have to be this way - here are some ideas to prepare for the busy times!

Stressful September, Hire a Virtual Assistant

Back to School

Time running away from you as your kids grow too fast?

Don’t miss this time!

Virtual Diamond can help you to reclaim your time with your family.

Back to School - Hire a Virtual Assistant

How do you waste your Time?

I am a small business owner. I also get paid by the hour. So, this month past, I did a little experiment. How much time did I WASTE??

I made a note of all the time I spent on Social media (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc, etc, etc!), time spent on meetings (non chargeable and social) and time spent validly working on my business and time spent on my various "pastimes"

The result...Drum Roll Please...18 HOURS! (and a bit!)

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