What even is admin?

When you're close to something it's hard to see the whole picture, and when you're running a business it can be hard to know what people don't understand. When we describe what we do in our business the first thing I normally say is: We take care of your admin, so that you don't have to. However, in a networking meeting recently I was asked... What even is admin?!

How can I show my clients I appreciate them? Client Appreciation Top Tips

One thing about being B2B is working with companies who need to be able to trust you! It is hard to build a relationship especially when they are a small business owner who perhaps hasn’t handed over parts of their business to others before. Client appreciation is essential!

Thank you written in scrabble tiles
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What does Scout leading have to do with being a Virtual Assistant?

Through our time volunteering with the scouts there have been some interesting cross overs!

scouts and virtual assistance
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At Virtual Diamond, two of us volunteer as a Scout leader and a Cub leader in our local Scout Troops. In recent times, I have noticed how these two things complement each other and work together.

4 Time Management Methods for Your Small Business

Time management can be difficult when you run your own small business! You are responsible for self-motivation as well as the day to day running of your business. Here are Virtual Diamond’s top tips to ensuring you make the most of your hours!

time saving clock
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Here are some top tips for managing your time in the day to make sure you are focussed: