Why I work for myself?

I have been asked many times...what made you think of being a Virtual Assistant? Why a Virtual Assistant? And today, I am going to share!

In 2014, I was a working mum with a full time job. My beautiful kids, Dylan and Leyla were only 6 and 2 years old respectively.

My day started with a very early jolt, well before the kids were up. I sorted out their clothes, food and the kitchen sink for their day ahead, then myself, and just before I left the door I would pop into their rooms to kiss them good morning and goodbye. And then it was husband's job to take over.

Now Dan was brilliant! He worked too mind, from home in a thriving IT business, but as he was working from home, I sort of took advantage of this a bit and left him to get the kids sorted for school and nursery. He did a great job! And if I didn't take out clothes for my little girl...she would go to nursery looking like a Christmas tree, but...she got there!

After a busy day at work, which included a shortened lunch-break so I could leave a few minutes earlier, I swapped my heels for trainers and sprinted to the station to get there just in the nick of time. I would then get out my study notes and studied a chapter or two on the way home. Picked up the munchkins, went home, and sorted out Dylan's homework while making dinner.

After that...do the million things that was waiting for me to do, tidy, wash up, do the laundry, etc etc etc, and even with the help of Dan, the list of stuff to do never got shorter. By this time, the kids were ready to go to bed, or at least they should be going to bed. But they haven't seen me all day, and even while I was home, I was shouting at them to get their homework done, to tidy up their toys, to get into the bath and get changed...Awful mother if you ask me!

When they went to bed, it was time to study again, or maybe fit in a game of netball or maybe tick something else off the list.

Pretty hectic, hey?

Turning point?

Silly but true! My daughter had a nightmare one night and instead of calling for me...she called for her Dad! Whilst that is not a bad thing, because Dan is a brilliant father, but as a mother, that really stung! Dylan was also having issues at school with his concentration, and we were getting reports that he wasn't applying himself, although they could see he was an intelligent boy. It was a wakeup call that I needed to spend more time with my kids.

Dan and I sat down and had a chat. We worked out that after childcare, train fare, car costs and all the other costs that made up my day...I was coming home with £20 a day!! Can you believe it? I couldn't! He convinced me that I could work for myself, even if I earned £25 a day; it was still more than I was earning in a full time job, and I would be home more with the kids. I could make the school plays, the Christmas concerts, the sports days and everything else. So I left a "secure job" with a pension and stable wage! I was scared...terrified in fact, but Dan kept telling me I will be OK, that we will be OK, so I plodded on.

And now...2 and half years later with the love and support of my family...here I am. Owner of Virtual Diamond. Definitely earning more than £30 a day! I have more time with the kids and husband. I can work from anywhere, and last year I worked in South Africa for 6 weeks in the summer, to see my family and be there for the build up to my amazing brother's wedding.

The idea of Virtual Diamond?

After the huge decision to leave work, deciding what not as hard. I jotted down what I am good at and more importantly, what I enjoy doing. Back-end office admin came up tops so a seed was planted. Luckily my IT was already sorted, Dan was a whizz at that. Everything else also fell into place.

All in all, a good decision!

What did I learn?

Sometimes our motivation gets tinted in the grand scheme of things. I was so eager to have a job to provide for my family, that I didn't actually enjoy my family! I lost touch with them. I also learnt that my husband is sometimes right. Shhh...don't tell him I said that! I have made some mistakes in the last 2 years but I have learnt from them and that is important. Making a mistake is very easy but if you learn something from it, is it a mistake?

So now...I work from home and I hope to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners to gain the same piece of mind. Piece of mind that the mundane tasks are taken care of, so they can concentrate on the business at hand and relax.

What is my motivation?

Was and always is:

Why I work for myself?

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