The Cost of Success!

I was scrolling through my Facebook page as you do first thing in the morning before the kids are up and your brain kicks into gear when I came across this picture.

I started reading it and as I got to the end I wondered if that was me.

The Cost of Sucess?

So I put the phone down and thought of my journey here.

Late nights...there were many and sometimes there still is! But this time my late nights are used to improve me, my skills and work on what I can offer my clients. I try my hardest not to actually do client work.

Early mornings...well, that is a given with Dylan and Leyla!

Very few friends...Hell NO! I have loads. I love to talk, I love to go out and I love my friends, so no, this one was not me.

Being misunderstood...I think sometimes we all are misunderstood. Why we did what we did, why we said what we said and what is our motivation. But if we were to explain it...could we?

Feeling overwhelmed...Yes, yes and yes again. Life is never simple, with no manual to go by, what comes next is a mystery. I do put myself in situations where I can't help being overwhelmed. Dan always says "You should have said NO" or "Why did you agree to that?" I don't know the why, but perhaps I thrive on feeling overwhelmed.

Questioning my sanity...I think others do this one for me :)

Being my own cheerleader...starting to figure this one out. In my learning journey, I read a book "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg and John David Mann( ), it said I should learn how to accept a complement and appreciate where are my pom poms??

The bottom line is Success is you get there is up to you.

At Virtual Diamond - Your One Stop Virtual Administration World we are trying to make a dent in the list above. By taking away some of your boring admin tasks or sorting out your bookkeeping, we can eliminate your late nights, or money stress or early mornings. Give you some time to go to a squash game or netball game so you can reconnect with your friends.

What drives me to my success is to prove to myself I can do this and I can do it well. And hopefully one day soon drive there with a lovely new car :)

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