Stop Wasting Billable Hours!

Being an Entrepreneur myself, running a business and a life, I have realised that while helping clients achieve their goals I have let mine slide a bit...Just a bit mind!

Stop Wasting Billable Hours!

I took a look at the various things that were occupying my time and realised there are a few things I can do to manage my business properly! It could help you too! are some ways to work for efficiently!

1. Stop putting of easy and quick tasks: If you can do it in a couple of minutes...DO IT NOW. That is one thing less on your To-Do list and you won't have to spend time later trying to figure out what it was!

2. Spending too much time on Social Media: You have to limit the amount of time you spend on social media sites and definitely schedule a time of day to do it. Flitting in and out all day long is distracting and before you know it you have spend more hours updating your social media sites than actually generating income! Not good!

3. Overload on administrative work: There are certain things you are just not cut out to do! As a small business, you don't have the capacity to spend hours on your bookkeeping, administration, chasing payment, chasing quotes, etc. You should be concentrating on converting your working hours into cash. Outsource what you are not good at!

4. Same Story, Different day: If you find yourself repeating tasks, queries or emails...why not create a template or a Q&A section on your website. This way recurring issues can be easily sorted without too much of your precious time.

5. Micromanaging Staff: If you have staff, trust in your hiring and interview skills. Let staff get on with what you hired them to do so you can concentrate on growing the business. However, if you have staff who are not pulling their weight, solve the matter quickly. Provide proper training and if it doesn't work, let them go! Small businesses can't cope with staff who are not functioning in their role. Sad truth.

6. Reinventing the wheel: If you have a problem in your business, chances are somebody else had it too! Instead of spending hours trying to solve the problem, research a little, the answer may be readily available already!

7. Focusing on the the here and now: When you started...what were your goals? Are you working towards them or is the day to day getting in the way. Try not to let the day to day issues divert you from your end target. Sometimes it is inevitable, but most times, it is a way to distract you from what needs doing. Identify it and change it!

That's my time wasting for today! Hopefully it has helped you guys identify some things you can change and make you more efficient in making MONEY!