September...The New January!

Throughout the ‘Summer’, (as it wasn’t really Summer was it? Just a few warmer days scattered over July and August!!) I put off random things to September for ‘once the children are back at school’. New school year, new clients, new adventures!

September...The New January!

Today I looked at the list I made and thought, “Oh Heck! I should go back to January is the new January!” The list was exhaustive but I also realised everything on there was a way forward. Something to push Virtual Diamond to the next level, a bit of self-development, a bit of tidying up, a bit of management and a whole lot of getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.

So…back to September is the New January.

In the same strain I thought of how this mantra can help my potential client? How can my cleansing assist my ideal client? And how can I use this new mantra to help?

This is it!

Have you ever done a food diary? I have! The first day I wrote down everything I thought I ate in a day and the second day I actually wrote down what I ate as and when I ate it. The difference was astounding! There were at least 10 items on there that I definitely didn’t add on the day before (although I am pretty sure I ate it!). Would explain the extra pounds over the Summer!

With that is mind, I can imagine many many of you out there do the same with your time management. That 5 minutes on Facebook look which turned into a 40 minutes trolling session, that 15 email check which turned into a 45 minutes, or that invoicing task that took 2 hours instead of the 1 hour you actually had allocated and before you know it, you are working well into the night to actually do some fee earning!

So, this Time Diary to print the attached spreadsheet, print it out and keep it on your desk for the next few days. This spreadsheet’s purpose is to monitor your time and how you use it. You will be amazed at the results. Add on as many things as you need too to ensure you get the full picture.

As for Virtual Diamond...The office is cleaned and primed! Ready for action. Call us if after a few days of monitoring your day you realise a Virtual Assistant is just what you need.

Virtual Diamond - Your administration: Sorted!