Free Conference Calls...REALLY?

As a small business, or any business for that need to save money where you can right?

Sometimes you need to talk to more than one person at a time...but the logistics of getting them all in one place is a nightmare!

Firstly, the cost of providing a venue and refreshments and secondly...unless the reason for the meeting is important to the participants...they probably don't want to take the time out of their day to attend an onsite meeting!

This is where a conference call comes in! It can:

Free Conference Calls

• Save time – You don’t have to travel to a venue and neither do the participants.
• Saves money – No need to pay for refreshment breaks or venue hire costs.
• Increased participant attendance - The chances are you will get more people to say ‘Yes’ to a conference call than a face to face meeting as it is less hassle!

So now you have decided to have a conference call instead of a meeting. What is the cost?

There are many options out on the market for free conference calls, BUT are they really?

Most are free to sign up but they then charge each participant a call cost on top of their normal call charges or they use a premium number...(084/087 numbers). If you have a long call…this could cost yourself and your participants. They won’t appreciate that!
OR… you could use a service that is actually FREE! Well, it uses up your mobile bundle minutes or charged at a standard geographic rate, like a 01 or 02 call outside bundle. So your participants will not be stung with an extra bill at the end.

I use WhyPay?

They earn their money from BT wholesale payments from calls made to 03 numbers so you the user is not being charged. If you run out of bundle minutes during the call…then you will be charged your standard rate. So far not had any issues. The lines are clear and it is easy to use.

So…read up a bit more about it here:

This little excerpt really made me stop and think!