The Cost of Success!

I was scrolling through my Facebook page as you do first thing in the morning before the kids are up and your brain kicks into gear when I came across this picture.

I started reading it and as I got to the end I wondered if that was me.

The Cost of Sucess?

So I put the phone down and thought of my journey here.

Why I work for myself?

I have been asked many times...what made you think of being a Virtual Assistant? Why a Virtual Assistant? And today, I am going to share!

In 2014, I was a working mum with a full time job. My beautiful kids, Dylan and Leyla were only 6 and 2 years old respectively.

My day started with a very early jolt, well before the kids were up. I sorted out their clothes, food and the kitchen sink for their day ahead, then myself, and just before I left the door I would pop into their rooms to kiss them good morning and goodbye. And then it was husband's job to take over.

Free Conference Calls...REALLY?

As a small business, or any business for that need to save money where you can right?

Sometimes you need to talk to more than one person at a time...but the logistics of getting them all in one place is a nightmare!

Firstly, the cost of providing a venue and refreshments and secondly...unless the reason for the meeting is important to the participants...they probably don't want to take the time out of their day to attend an onsite meeting!

This is where a conference call comes in! It can:

Taking Time Out

When was the last time you just sat there?

taking time out

Stared into space and didn't think about the invoices you haven't sent or the people who owe you money!

When was the last time you actually took a break? Serious email checking, no Facebook trolling, no client calls...just took a break?

Virtual Diamond can give you back some time! Virtual Diamond can create some headspace! Call now - 0207 100 1973

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

Your business is growing, and you are busier now more than ever. You could use an extra set of hands, but not sure about the costs involved or all the HR that comes with having staff.

Besides, you need someone who can do many tasks, not just ONE!

Use a Virtual Assistant!

But you have no idea what a virtual assistant is or how they can help you.