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How do you waste your Time?

I am a small business owner. I also get paid by the hour. So, this month past, I did a little experiment. How much time did I WASTE??

I made a note of all the time I spent on Social media (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc, etc, etc!), time spent on meetings (non chargeable and social) and time spent validly working on my business and time spent on my various "pastimes"

The result...Drum Roll Please...18 HOURS! (and a bit!)

time saving

Do you know how to Google?

There is a search engine you may have heard of, called Google. Long Read...but a worthy read!

A lot of people use it but not too many people know how to use it properly. Who Knew??

One of the jobs we are asked to do is research. Knowing how to effectively use Google makes doing these types of jobs hugely more efficient.

So what typical features are useful to use?

Economics of OUTSOURCING!

"How Much? Gosh, that's a bit expensive." The first response I hear when I mention my rates. Not thinking that we have to cover things that a typical employee does not need to worry about like equipment costs, and not being able to charge for every hour of every day.
But laying that aside for a moment, how many have actually sat down and thought about the costs of an employee compared to outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant (or other professionals)??


Hi, I'm Paddy and I'm a Virtual Assistant

A What Now? Have you heard of a Virtual Assistant?


According to the Wiki...and we all know that is the root of all explanations...A Virtual Assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office."

Cloud-based vs Traditional Methods


Recently more and more people are looking at cloud-based accounting systems and moving away from the traditional desktop based systems.

People prefer to know a bit more about their business than they used to. Especially Sole Traders and Entrepreneurs who need to be aware of exactly where they stand financially to make informed business decisions.

Phew...I survived, Did You?

Year End Accounts!

Almost pulled my hair all out, but its done now and 31st January is gone!


Looking back I wondered why I was so stressed, mine was done and dusted in October, but my clients on the other hand, well there were a few last minute daredevils out there! It made me look at various ways sole traders or entrepreneurs record their income and expenses.

31st January 2017...what's the first thing that comes to mind??

You survived the first month of 2017?

You failed on the New Year's Resolutions already?

Dry January is a thing of the past?

OR is it

Tax Returns


If you are stressing about this, please do get in touch and Virtual Diamond can give you a hand. Or if you prefer to go through it alone, HMRC have provided a few very handy webinars to assist you.

Stop Wasting Billable Hours!

Being an Entrepreneur myself, running a business and a life, I have realised that while helping clients achieve their goals I have let mine slide a bit...Just a bit mind!

Stop Wasting Billable Hours!

I took a look at the various things that were occupying my time and realised there are a few things I can do to manage my business properly! It could help you too! are some ways to work for efficiently!

September...The New January!

Throughout the ‘Summer’, (as it wasn’t really Summer was it? Just a few warmer days scattered over July and August!!) I put off random things to September for ‘once the children are back at school’. New school year, new clients, new adventures!

September...The New January!